By: Aimee Song

Ice Cream Dubrovnik is an exclusive creation of one of the most famous Italian ice cream producers, by request. Well yes, we could say it's a tailor made ice cream. Dubrovnik family with a very long gastronomic tradition foreseen the needs of their valued customers & Dubrovnik guests. Lactose free, gluten free, organic, 100% fruit... those are the signs flashing all over the internet & social media news feeds.

Is it a trend or a need ?! We would say it's a need in trend. People became aware the importance of food quality & unfortunately there is more and more food intolerance. The major delusion associates "the good food", healthy ingredients with less tempting, delicious or alluring.

WRONG! Ice Cream Dubrovnik will prove you so. Of course the recipe is the secret, just as the one from Catherine de'Medici, but the ingredients we want to be transparent. Apart from launching the gluten free & lactose free ice cream on the market that's 100% organic.

Yes, we are all that that flashes across media in big green letters. We are the the number one choice. 100% nuts, 100% fruit and Cremino. However 100% organic, with natural stabilizers where the main product varies from 83% to 90% depends on what's the percentage of water in fruit and how much water should be added. Not to bother you with figures, the bottom line is that we definitely gave our maximum to indulge your refine taste.

Ice Cream Dubrovnik is available at 3 locations. Gossip, Eat & Sweet and Poklisar. All within the City walls, however it's the matter of time when it will boost its borders because- there are no real limit.


IceCream Dubrovnik